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Pre-Arranging a Funeral

Whether it is yours or a loved one, pre-arranging a funeral can be done in the comfort and convenience of your home or at the funeral home.

Talking about death is often difficult. Yet discussion and pre-planning can alleviate many of the problems that develop with a death. Discussing funeral arrangements in advance brings the subject of death out in the open and affords the family an opportunity to mutually share their thoughts. Without pre- arranging, our loved ones are not only left without you, but they are left with the strong emotions and grief that can interfere with making clear choices for your funeral.

Entering into a pre-arrangement agreement with your funeral director provides an opportunity for you to indicate your wishes in writing and provides you with peace of mind and can help to ease the emotional burden from your family.

Your funeral director will be available to answer any questions and to give you expert counseling in this area. Pre-funding a funeral is available through Revocable or Irrevocable/Medicaid Trusts agreements depending upon one's circumstances.

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